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Bimbi Irrigation

Drought and floods have resulted in ongoing food shortages in Malawi, leaving millions of people starving every year. We are currently working with EI and Pastor Moses of Word of Grace Church, to help bring life-giving water to a 35 hectare irrigation site. When completed, this will allow crops to be grown year round, reducing food shortages in the Bimbi area, with phase One alone helping 280 families. 

Prison Fellowship Malawi Halfway House

Prison Fellowship Malawi through its Half Way House Vocational skills program seeks to empower and educate
inmates so they can successfully re-integrate into society. Prisoners and ex-prisoners in Malawi constitute a socially excluded and marginalized group. They face community
rejection and alienation often in form of stigma and discrimination, effectively excluding them from social economic development opportunities.

Efrida's Orphanage

Pastor Chonzie introduced the HAHFA team to the widow Efrida who was not only raising her grandchildren but also attempting to feed the neighbourhood  preschool orphans. The team felt called to respond and purchased 2 large porridge cooking pots, colourful bowls, cups and spoons and some soya protein porridge. Efrida gathered some volunteer women from her community to assist with the children whose numbers over the years have ranged from about 80 to 200. Five days a week the children are given one porridge meal.


Tilere Ifa Ana Ovutika (TIAO)

HAHFA has a TIAO group based at Wellington Square United Church, Burlington Ontario. This is one of the few opportunities we have to do 'hands-on' mission work right at home. Those who do not make squares can support the mission by donating postage funds, buying yarn for senior knitters on a budget, donating yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, wool sewing needles (large eye) which they have at home or go out and purchase to keep the widows' groups supplied with the things they need to assemble the blankets.


NEW! PFM Solar Project

The PFM Halfway House needs reliable electricity. In a country plagued with frequent power outages, installing solar panels can provide a sustainable solution. Dependable electricity will allow PFM's programs to continue running throughout the day, such as consistent internet for administrative work as well as keeping the water pump running and the campus well lit. These things are critical to the safety and well-being of everyone on campus. We can't wait to get this project underway!

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Donate online by visiting HAHFA's partner  Emmanuel International Canada

Send Cheque

Please make your Canadian dollar cheque payable to Emmanuel International Canada and deliver it to a person going on the mission trip or mail to:

Emmanuel International Canada
P.O. Box 4050
Stouffville Sideroad
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
L4A 8B6

Important – Be sure to mark the bottom of your cheque as HAHFA

By Email

Please email us to learn other ways you can support HAHFA 

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