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Emmanuel International

Emmanuel International (EI) is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. HAHFA is partnered with EI's location in Malawi. 

For over two decades, EI Malawi has been working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Malawi in their communities. EI Malawi has grown from a handful of passionate people to well over 150 national staff in its various Relief and Development Projects and Church Link Programs. These are HAHFA's partners on the ground who are connected to the communities we support and provide oversight to current projects.

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Prison Fellowship Malawi

Our partner is Rodrick Zalimba, director of Prison Fellowship Malawi.  Rodrick facilitates real fellowship with prison and reformatory school visits, as well as running the Halfway House; a rehabilitative and reconciliatory residence program for ex-inmates transitioning back into society.  


PFM pushes for judicial reform, fair trials, and for improved and humane conditions within prisons themselves.  Rodrick works passionately to continue offering these programs despite funding challenges, and HAHFA is committed to aiding his tireless efforts to bring sustainable income to his organization, and support for a much neglected group in Malawian society. 


Word of Grace Chruch

HAHFA has worked with Pastor Moses Nkhata  since meeting him on our first mission trip in 2006.  After attending Bible College as a result of this mission, Moses, with his Word of Grace church, has reached more than 25 communities and continues to grow.  


Moses is as devoted to the health, education and wellbeing of these communities as he is to his church ministry, spearheading a range of projects including a nursery school, and an ambitious irrigation initiative.  We are in constant communication with Moses concerning the ongoing needs of the churches and the people he serves. 



Donate online by visiting HAHFA's Emmanuel International Canada

Send Cheque

Please make your Canadian dollar cheque payable to Emmanuel International Canada and deliver it to a person going on the mission trip or mail to:

Emmanuel International Canada
P.O. Box 4050
Stouffville Sideroad
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
L4A 8B6

Important – Be sure to mark the bottom of your cheque as HAHFA

By Email

Please email us to learn other ways you can support HAHFA 

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