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BIMBI Irrigation project



Building health church through providing spiritual and physical needs through irrigation scheme




The lord wants us to produce high yields from the soil in a sustainable way that makes a profit, so that we can: 

  • Glorify God and lift up Jesus in all that we do 

  • Remove the yoke of oppression causing hunger, nakedness and poverty 

  • Feed our families 

  • Produce a surplus for sale that will help feed our nation; and so that in turn we can provide for the needs of our families (school fees, clothes, shelter, medical etc) and buy the next year’s inputs and equipment 

  • Be independent of the money lending system as soon as possible 

  • Grow to the size God has equipped and called us to 

  • Be a model and example to teach others and how to make a profit 

  • Tell others that it is God’s Way so that we can tell them about Jesus 

  • Help strengthen weak churches and to plant new strong churches 

  • Bring unity to the whole Body of Christ so we can show the whole nation God’s Way of how to manage any farming faithfully and make a profit 

  • Show the nation how to rebuild our remote communities and other Nations Word of Grace is operating


Maize field on the irrigation scheme​​


Rice Field on the irrigation site


We at Word of Grace Church through irrigation scheme with the Holy Spirit’s help, seeks to wholeheartedly follow Jesus’ perfect example in all of life. WoG recognizes God’s grace in that He doesn’t expect us to do this perfectly but rejoices when we turn to Him with all our hearts asking for the Holy Spirit to help us obey and do everything He taught us, in His way. “In His way”  Jesus’ implicit obedience to all that the Father told Him, His unconditional love, humility and unselfishness; and as such, are foundational building blocks for our attitude of heart in all that we teach and do in Irrigation outreach. Because of God’s perfect love, holiness, sovereignty, omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, we seek to trust Him with all our hearts and seek not to lean on our own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all our ways, so that he makes our path straight (Proverbs 3:5-6). “Seeking after God wholeheartedly” is also a cornerstone of WoG church (Jeremiah 29:13). 

BENEFICIARIES: 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

The beneficiaries of the project are people in the community who are in great challenge of food, shelter, Health care and Education. WoG church wants to reach such people and turn their story from hopeless to have hope. Where food was zero to be a home where they have surplus and able to share with other people within the community and beyond. Currently 40 Families benefited from a 2.5hectares of land where they have planted maize and rice during the rainy season. But the goal is to cultivate a 35hectars in phases and assist 10800 households in the community as direct beneficiaries from the land.


Chrisy Muwawa taking care of her rice field. She has 7children and she is a single mother. This is her first year to have such good looking field ever in her life. She has hope that her life can be transformed once and all. She has plans to build a good house and also have livestock for her future use through irrigation farming. Her testimonies are some of the testimonies we expect the years coming.


Irrigation borehole and house for our Guards


There are a number of success stories that the community and people who have a plot at irrigation scheme can share to different people.


  1. The first success story is the way the crops are doing at the site. This is so because at first the land looks un promising and the land looks like it has a salt soil which can not do well for farming. The crops have proofed that the soil can produce and crops can do well.

  2. Some people who have planted crops at the site have already started seeing their bright future (e.g  Chrisy, Annie and Somanje are examples of the people share good stories)

  3. To have equipments to pump water and also have equipment to use in the fields is also another great story


Maize fields and maize crops are doing well


We are currently meeting in our Village Saving and Loans groups and our plans are still strong before the rains stops and after rains. We are planning to start preparing our field mid March in preparation planting crops early April. We as church, we are looking for well-wishes who can provide funds to do a week long training on how to do modern farming. Currently we are talking to local friend who can support the church to do the training for people who are waiting to start their farming come April. Our desire is to do before everything starts so that during the irrigation time we should not be busy with trainings lather be serious on implementations.



Challenge: Lack of modern farming technology

Possible Solution: Discussing with well wishers to fund trainings for 40 people

Challenge: Farm inputs (fertilizer and pests sides)

Possible Solution: Praying for God’s interventions

Challenge: Supervisions costs

Possible Solution: Praying for God’s interventions


We believe in the provision of God who can do miracle and who can bring people a long us to accomplish this big task. We believe that without God’s presences nothing can be done. As our hope is in the almighty God and His love over us, our hope still remains in Him.

From nothing, we have something that can change millions of people within and outside our communities.

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