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Hands and Hearts for Africa (HAHFA) is not another registered charity. Since Canada already has over 83,000 registered charities we did not feel the need for the cost and administration of yet one more charity. Rather, our desire is to partner and work in cooperation with select organizations already doing good work in Africa. We are like-minded Christ followers, connected by faith to serve Africans. We come from a variety of backgrounds and churches, but do not represent any one church or denomination. We are all volunteers and receive no remuneration.

It is important for you to know, that since we are not a charity, we do not handle your donations. All financial support goes directly through a recognized registered charity, Emmanuel International Canada, appropriately qualified and equipped to deal with overseas mission work.



We are a faith-based team that builds awareness and support for grass-roots initiatives in Malawi. In collaboration with our partners on the ground, we foster meaningful relationships that positively impact local communities.


Our mission is to engage in sustainable poverty alleviation, by building relationships and supporting community-based development in Malawi Africa.

Relationships: We value and invest in our relationships with our partners, here and in Malawi,
to learn from, listen to, and encourage one another.

Partnership: We believe we can best achieve our mission through meaningful and mutually-
beneficial partnerships with others.

Helping without “Hurting”: We believe that effective “poverty alleviation” is a long-term
process of reconciliation, not a momentary provision of material goods. Poverty alleviation
efforts should not create “dependencies”, but strive to empower local leadership in building
lasting, sustainable change.


Faith in action: We believe that faith is lived through action. Building on our Christian
foundation, we serve and work with people of all faiths in a spirit of justice, love and


Asset-based development: We believe in working alongside our partners on the ground in
Malawi, helping to build on their strengths and unique gifts.

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