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Tribute to Fran Gray

We are deeply saddened by  the loss of our founder and friend, Frannie Gray. She was the heart and soul of HAHFA, and an inspiration to all of us. She led her life loving and caring for others as her primary mission. Frannie fell in love with the people of “the warm heart of Africa” on her first mission trip to Malawi in 2006. That love developed into a deep passion for helping the communities and the marginalized in Malawi and she became the driving force behind the formation of our volunteer group shortly after.  Her loving and generous heart led us to develop loving, lasting relationships with our friends and partners in various communities in southern Malawi. The projects that we support, and the impact that they are making in the lives of families in Malawi are a result of Frannie’s selfless dedication and perseverance. Frannie had a huge heart for the young children in our friend Efrida’s orphanage, ensuring that there was always help to provide daily nourishment. Her relationship with Rodrick Zalimba of Prison Fellowship Malawi, and Pastor Moses of Word of Grace church and the wonderful work they both do, was the source of great joy for Frannie. Her leadership of HAHFA will be greatly missed, and we will continue to follow in her footsteps, loving and caring for our friends in Malawi, as she taught us. Everyone that knew Frannie, whether in Africa or here in Ontario, was blessed to have her as part of their lives.  She touched so many with her love, care, generosity and radiant smile.

We take comfort in knowing that Frannie is now pain free and walking alongside our Saviour Jesus Christ. She is rejoicing to see her work be carried on. Our hearts go out to all of her family that she loved so dearly. We cherish the time we had together, and we will miss you. We love you Frannie.

Your HAHFA Family

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