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Update from Moses

Greetings Brethren

It is great and honor to write this email to you Brethren. It has been longtime without writing to you. I would like to propose for two important issues:

1. As you recall we get funds from you this year about fertilizer and relief. I said we set aside the funds for fertilizer so that we use for irrigation scheme. We are have started irrigation for this years program. So far a number of people have made seedlings beds which anytime they will plant crops. Further we have also managed to do the rice farming at the site and farmers has tried to get something despite water floods but they have harvested something. Therefore the 15 farmers will benefit from the fertilizer package we received from HAHFA. Please continue to pray for the farmers and leaders of the irrigation site.

2. We have managed also to get water from shire river with the support from Pam. We have also done the pipes and drainage system from the irrigation site to the shire river. A total of 100 new farmers have been identified to be included in the irrigation site. These 100 farmers are ready to start but to make a meaningful and fruitful outcome there is a need to train them on basic technology of irrigation. These are farmers who have not venture into irrigation farming. As we are geared to add 100farmers we are also planning to add another cohort in August after evaluating the impact of the first and already existing farmers. Therefore by the end of the year we need to have 381farmers. Our request to you is about two things:

A) Everything to be fruitful prayer is greatly needed. We have a history to share on how Prayers from our partners have made impact on the current progress. From day one God has been faithful because of your prayers. Hence we need your prayers in this journey

B) financial support towards training 100 farmers for 3 days at Bimbi church. We seek to empower knowledge on irrigation and how is different from normal farming and what challenges can they encounter in this journey. Basic principles of governance on large group. Therefore your support towards the training will be highly appreciated by us as leaders and also each farmer on their daily basis.

God bless you as you continue to pray for us and also make a consideration on financial support.

In his service


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