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Solar Project Prison Fellowship Malawi

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Greetings! Our brother, Rodrick, in Malawi is keen to undertake a very important project to improve the conditions in the Halfway House. Getting regular electricity is in Malawi is very difficult and especially in Balaka, the town where the Halfway House is located.

With residents training and living on campus, power is essential as darkness falls about 6 PM all year round. And there's the daily challenges of Rodrick and his team struggling often without internet to complete their administrative tasks. These challenges are due to a number of problems including the existing local infrastructure being fraught with questionable reliability and integrity.

To alleviate some of these issues, a new solar power system has been proposed. The benefits of the new installation are:

1. The proposed system is smaller and less costly than the existing one

2. The new lighting installation will provide energy efficient methods (ie. LED lighting)

3. The system can make use of interchangeable and expandable components (same size type and size on inverter, solar charger, etc.)

4. A Victron Energy Hybrid easysolar unit 1.6 KVA coupled with 4x 260 watt solar panels and using a specialised maintenance free 5 kwh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

5. Installing a separate lighting system and providing two switch socket outlets

Once the installation is complete, the system will power many of the essential electrical functions at the facilities and more importantly, provide power to a new solar borehole pumping system for water.

Our hope is to provide the necessary funds for the completion of the project in 2019. We ask for your prayers and support of the PFM Solar Panel project as this will change the lives of our brothers and sisters at the PFM Halfway House.

If you are interested in learning more please contact the HAHFA team at

Stayed tune for updates on how you can help!

Zikomo! (Thank you!),

The HAHFA team

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