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Prison Fellowship Malawi Update

Our brother in Malawi, Rodrick Zalimba, has recently sent over a report for the Prison Fellowship Malawi (PFM). With support from HAHFA, Christ Footsteps in Africa (US) and the EU, PFM has offered quality vocational skills training to beneficiaries since the inception of the program support in 2017. Certificates are awarded in various fields such as carpentry, welding, tailoring and electrical installation. The PFM programs has graduated 165 beneficiaries thus far including 15 female over three cohorts with a target of graduating over 300 by the end of 2020.

The update also provided some very exciting news on a new initiative that PFM has entered into a partnership with Prison Fellowship International which implements a program targeting families and children, specifically, whose parents are in prison. The program was launched in July 2019 and has registered 150 children, 44 girls and 86 boys. Since the inception of the program the team has come face to face with the hidden realities confronting the children of prisoners and their families manifesting in form of deprivation, vulnerability and neglect. The program objective is to ensure children of incarcerated individuals receive support through assistance with shelter, providing nourishment and education.

We are also excited to announce that a small delegate from the HAHFA team will be travelling to Malawi to visit our partners on the ground in late April/ early May. While in Malawi, the team will be:

1. Visiting the Emmanuel International offices in Zomba and meet new staff

2. Connecting with TIAO Blanket squares co- ordinating pastor Steve Kamwana and deliver squares made by WS members,

3. Travel to Balaka town and visit Prison Fellowship Malawi, meet with Rodrick Zalimba where the team will connect with ex inmates attending 3 month trades training program.

4. Visit Efrida and her preschool Kids Klub orphans

5. Travel to Bimbi and Pastor Moses and Word of Grace Church community, and the irrigation site.

We are asking for prayers for the safe journey of our HAHFA team and ask that God provides meaningful meetings with our Malawi partners in further building our relationships.

Please look for updates from Malawi in the future.

Zikomo, zikomo from the HAHFA team!

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