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Malawi COVID-19 Update 1

Sunday April 19, 2020

Morning Mommy!

I was on the road for the past few days doing doorstep deliveries to prison stations. That’s the only thing we can do now especially because all churches are no longer having access to prisons. We have a privilege of accessing the prisons as PF. So we have managed to deliver some sanitary supplies. Alex sent some to this week and I am glad to report that it has helped us secure two Infrared Thermometers to help with screening of inmates and officers. These have been presented to two prisons, 1 in Lilongwe and another in Mulanje. Only one prison out of 30 has a digital screening thermometer. Convey our gratitude to the family for this huge support in this difficult time of need.

I know we are both going through tough times and it’s not easy for everyone. Thank you for your love and care. We have also donated some soap and hygiene supplies to prisons from our savings on reduced travel from our budget. I will share a few pics. We were supposed to go into lock down today but some individuals and human rights bodies got a court injunction for 7 days for government to make welfare provisions for the poorest. It’s a difficult decision but understandable owing to the poverty levels here.

Keep us in your prayers. The situation is also being politicized as we had a disputed election and a rerun is due before July3.


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