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Bimbi Irrigation Report 2020

BIMBI IRRIGATION (May – August 2020)

Prepared By: Abusa Moses Nkhata

AIM: changing lives from hopeless to hope in faith in Jesus Christ

Time determines the period of change. Time also direct where to go. Several years ago the land that is valuable today was bare and left out for animals grazing area. No one had a vision that the land will change the lives of hopeless people to have hope. People who were had nothing to do will have something to do on the land. The bareness of land had no means to have water. Really irrigation is hidden treasure that changes lives of people.

Bimbi irrigation which was supported by HAHFA, CFA and EI Malawi has totally changed lives. After several years of waiting the time to have the irrigation to be started. God’s grace took us to His time.

This year the irrigation has phenomenal the first phase which started in May – August shown great results. Farmers planted maize, Cabbages, Orcker, vegetables and Tomatoes, Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes. Many people came to buy and this year’s market has been great to members. We thank God for the support during the first phase. Below is pictorial view of the garden;

Men working on the field.


Several activities happened during the period of May to August as a church. All church leaders in Balaka met at Bandawe church to discuss the progress of the church and also to appreciate how the churches are doing during the pandemic. It was such huge blessing to come together and worshipped together as leaders.

Church leaders at Bandawe


Members at Bimbi church organized themselves in molding bricks for the church. The church at Bimbi molded 30,000 bricks and we thank CFA for supporting the program to purchase firewood and assist the building of kiln which we have done and we are waiting to start building the church soon.

Church bricks


There were many success stories from the scheme; these stories were true reflection of how the irrigation will change many lives of the people in the community in near future. For instance, two families have managed to change their home from the benefits of irrigation. Chabwera family who was in deep challenge of food has managed to buy maize corn from the sales of tomatoes. Benson has bought mattress for his home. He has also paid some bills for his medication.

These are direct beneficiaries but there were also many people who benefited by buying our produce and sale at their communities. The scheme on its own has so far contributed to the development of the community by having people who are working on the scheme to have job which they are doing by growing crops. Businesses have been boasted up in the community. Those people who were buying farm produces in Thyolo and Ntcheu were able to find items that they were need to market from the scheme.

Chabwera family


Where there is success stories there is also some challenges that were hinderous to our goal:

1) Boaster pump: We encountered several interruptions due to the failure of failing to push the water to the field. These challenges read us to have some days without watering the garden

2) Pesticides: it has been discovered that most of the crops that are irrigated requires pesticides for several reasons. To control pests and disease also it helps to produce quality fruits of the crops on the irrigation site

3) Lack of training is huge setback to have great achievements

4) Our guards allowances has come to an end in July this gives fear of the protection of the materials at the site

5) Salty Water : salty water has also great contributing factor on the boaster as well the pump


1) After noticing the interruptions of the boaster pump we decided to cut one line so that the boaster pump should not to be under pressure. This also helped much to finish the phase one

2) On the issue of guard allowances, we approached the HAFA who has promised to support the allowances for our guards. That’s good news

3) Visiting of Agricultural officials from Capitol Hill In Lilongwe it was a breakthrough to know the cause of the problems of the machinery who revealed to us that the salty water has many infect on our crops as well machinery but they told us that there is a chemical that can reduce the salty from the water which give the good function of the machinery. The only challenge its expensive. Once we can source the chemical there much hope that the machinery will work well.


As a leader of the church, it is so grateful and relief from pressure of food shortage and employment challenges in the church. The irrigation is a great breakthrough for the church. The irrigation has great indications that it will change many lives for good and transform the community as well our church. The families that are working on the site have many things to smile than before. Their food diet has completely changed.

Praise God!

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