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Prayer for Africa

From Pastor Moses

Imagine big countries that have all resources are unable to find solutions of this pandemic,  what about countries like Malawi who are already in big challenges will the country have resources to help it's people? Really we need God intervention.

Now we are at four but we can't say 4 is true number of the affected. God see us. See my grandmothers and grandfathers in the rural areas. See my brothers who are vulnerable and orphans.  What about kids in the streets who are begging for daily food. What about my brothers who are in prison where they are clouded. What about in our hospitals.  Lord we are sinners forgive our sins and heal our nation.

You heard a prayer of Elijah and the rains came after 2yrs without rains.

Holy Spirit come down and Africa will be saved.

Lock down cant work. We need you God now.

Your are our source of our life. Hear us oh Lord.

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